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When shopping at Old Navy (or any store, for that matter), it’s always nice to know that you’re saving the most money possible. Here are some ways you can maximize your spending and get the most bang for your buck:


1. Check out the sales

There is almost always some kind of sale going on at Old Navy. You’ve probably seen their commercials on TV to that effect. They are well known for having plenty of items for between $5 and $10. Their clothes are really nice quality, too. Whether shopping at a physical store or online, you should be able to find some good deals at any point in time. Also, they have clothes for the entire family from kids to adults to plus size; so it’s great for one-stop shopping.


2. Shop the clearance rack

Old Navy, as a lot of stores do, has a clearance rack. If you’re looking to save money, making use of it is one of the best things you can do! You can save 50+% on some items and again, the clearance section is offered both online and in person. Plus, if shopping online, you’ll get free shipping if you spend over $50.


3. Shop out of Season

This somewhat goes along with shopping the clearance rack, as a lot of times you’ll find out of season items on clearance. However, it’s a good strategy in general and can apply to any off-season item. This simply means that when it’s summer, don’t shop for shorts and tank tops. Shop for your summer clothes in the dead of winter and your winter clothes in the summer and you’ll probably find that you save a lot of money. Why is this? It’s simple. The majority of people are going to be shopping for those shorts and tank tops while it’s hot and thus, that’s when they’ll be at their highest price points. However, very few people shop for heavy winter jackets when it’s 90 degrees out, so that’s when those items tend to be marked down. The only downside here is that you’re generally not going to find a very large selection of winter items during summer and vice versa.


4. Coupons

Old Navy offers some great coupons from time to time, such as $15 off of a $50 or more order. So if you’re already stocking up on sales and clearance items, you can then save additional money off of your total. You can also join the Old Navy Text Club at http://oldnavyform.hit2c.com/en/wallet_campaign/nujsmv/triggers/new and you’ll receive a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $35 or more just for joining and then you’ll receive other deals periodically. Lastly, sites like JoinSavvy.com give you a whole list of the current active coupon codes for Old Navy.


5. Super Cash

Old Navy offers what they call Super Cash as an extra incentive to customers. Super Cash is not offered all the time, but it is offered multiple times per year. So it might be a good idea to plan the majority of your shopping trips around when it’s offered. With Super Cash, you get a certain amount based on the amount you spend on qualifying products. All products may not qualify, so make sure to check the details. You can get $10 Super Cash on eligible purchases of $25 or more, $20 Super Cash for $50 or more, all the way up to $60 in Super Cash if you spend $150 or more on qualifying items!


6. Earn rewards points with a Gap credit card

If you sign up (and are approved) for a Gap brand credit card, you’ll earn 20% off of your first Old Navy purchase with the card. Plus, you’ll earn 5 points for every dollar spent at Old Navy and Gap’s other brand stores, both physical and online, and 1 point for every dollar spent anywhere else that accepts Visa. You can then turn 500 points into $5 in cash rewards. Also, during Super Cash, you have the ability to earn double the amount of points when using your Gap credit card on eligible purchases.

If you combine all of these saving ideas and shop at the right times, you can end up with a ton of stuff for very little money. Happy shopping!