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Before you walk in with a bag of games and dump them on the counter, you have to understand GameStop’s trade in system. 

It's relatively simple, really: the newer the product, the more it's worth. But since GameStop is known for giving you a grand total of $10 for 40 games, an XBox, and 3 bars of gold, here is a list of helpful tips to get the most trade in value out of your games and products.


PowerUp Rewards Card

It's free!

You earn 10 points for every dollar you spend at GameStop. This includes trade in values, too! Benefits:

  • Subscriptions to PlayStation, XBox, etc.
  • Restaurant and movie rewards
  • Exclusive codes that unlock in-game accessories
  • General discounts
  • Member only invitations to in-store events
  • Beta testing invites

And, if you're really motivated, you can also earn points by taking online surveys and watching videos. Just checkout @GameStop on Twitter for more info or click here.

There are 2 paid rewards options available as well if you happen to be an avid gamer.


Know Your Offers

Don't just walk in with a scattered selection of games. First, check out the trade in section of the GameStop website. 

Not only does the website give you the latest offers and values of certain games and gaming systems, but GameStop runs ongoing weekly specials on certain products. 

For example, you may want to holding off on trading in a Nintendo Switch game when you could get 25% extra credit if you trade in 2 or more. Or, maybe they're specifically looking to collect Donkey Kong games. 

Most people forget that these deals exist, so check it out: Trade-in


Broken Games Count!

GameStop actually accepts games that are damaged or won't play. 

They charge a refurbishing fee, but it's way better than letting your old, broken games sit in a pile of dust. 

Trading in a few broken games just may get you a brand new one! Well, brand new to you at least.


Don’t Forget Wires

If you don't have all the wires to an old gaming console, that's okay. But GameStop decreases the product value with each wire that's missing. 

So, just a friendly reminder to grab those tangled wires and bring them in as well. 


Not Just Games And Consoles

GameStop accepts more than just games and gaming systems. Here's a list of other cool stuff that you could trade in:

  • iPhones and Androids
  • Controllers
  • iPads and tablets
  • Headsets
  • Speakers and amps
  • External hard drives 

Just remember, you get more store credit than you do cash when trading in games and products, so browse that offer page on the GameStop website to get the most value for your trade in!