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We love talking about bargain hunting and couponing. When you combine Walmart's low prices with coupons and the proper rebate programs, something magical happens – the savings can be enormous! Walmart may not offer traditional store coupons, but you can still shop wisely to score discounts, benefit from supermarket specials, and master Walmart clearance.

And let's not even talk about Black Friday at Walmart! Walmart is the place to go whether you want to buy toys, Apple products, or video games.

Keep reading to find out how to coupon and shop at Walmart.

To ensure that you never miss a chance to save money, make sure to bookmark the top Walmart deals.


1. Get cash back at Walmart by using a manufacturer coupon that is more valuable than the price of the item.

That is correct! We think this is the best Walmart couponing advice. The $0.05 difference won't be lost if you have a manufacturer (MFR) $1.00/1 coupon to spend on a $0.95 item. The Walmart coupon policy states that any excess will first be deducted from your transaction total before being given to you.

Overall, Walmart gets a point since Target never offers any overcharges.

Watching the Savvy coupons page is one of the greatest methods to find manufacturer coupons for your trip to Walmart.


2. Walmart Couponing 101: Coupons cannot be used on Walmart.com's website.

MFR coupons cannot be used at all when placing an order through Walmart.com. Additionally, Walmart never provides store coupons in-store or online. Before you start shopping, make sure to familiarize yourself with the following Walmart coupon policies:

The words "Manufacturer Coupon" must be printed across the top of the coupon, along with an expiration date and a scannable barcode.

At Walmart, competitor coupons are not accepted.


3. There are no digital coupons for Walmart. Only paper.

Walmart only accepts paper or printed internet coupons; it does not accept mobile digital coupons.


4. For freebies and moneymakers, use coupons in the travel or Walmart clearance sections.

Even inside the store, if you're a master at using Walmart coupons, you can get some freebies and moneymakers! This is how:

  • If you have a manufacturer coupon, the $1 trial-size aisle at Walmart is a terrific location to grab free stuff. If the coupon value is greater than the cost of the item, you will be given a refund. Just be mindful of the small print, as it might not include trial or travel-size products.
  • Another excellent strategy to uncover moneymakers is to combine (stack) coupons with clearance goods. For instance, we came across a hand soap offer that turned a $0.75 clearance item into a $0.25 profit generator with the use of a $1.00/1 coupon.
  • Although we haven't seen name names in the Walmart Dollar Shop yet, given they sell items for as little as $1, you may anticipate some freebies when they do.


5. Walmart accepts BOGO coupons, but not if a percentage is included.

Walmart accepts manufacturer coupons that are BOGO (buy one, get one), however there are some rules:

  • A BOGO coupon with a percentage off will not be accepted at Walmart.
  • You cannot make two products free by using two BOGO coupons on two different goods.
  • Walmart won't allow you utilize a coupon to get an overage on the second item from a BOGO deal.


6. Given that it is up to the manager's judgment, keep a copy of the Walmart coupon policy close at hand.

Walmart managers have the last word on whether or not a coupon will be accepted, which is sort of frustrating.

As a result, although one Walmart location might let you use 10 of the same coupons in a single purchase, another would not.

How can I best avoid problems at the register? On your smartphone, make a note of the Walmart discount policy page so you can immediately access it.


7. Walmart will PAY YOU for shopping with the weekly ad coupon matchup.

You won't need to play detective to get this tip, so don't worry. Every week, we carefully examine the Walmart ad and compare it to MFR coupons, peelies, cash-back apps, and every other angle we can think of for our Walmart weekly coupon offers. Even some of the things are free and profitable.

We saved $70 using coupons from Walmart in 2021, including 57% off Irish Spring Body Wash and $1.13 in cashback only for making purchases like two bottles of Kaboom bathroom cleaner. That's right, we work out a way to get Walmart to compensate you for leaving the store with free goods.


8. Use the Walmart app for pickup, delivery, and Scan & Go to simplify your life.

There are two key benefits to the Walmart app for iOS and Android:

  1. Mobile shopping for delivery and pickup (anyone can use the app for this)
  2. Scan & Go (the app can only be used for this by Walmart Plus subscribers)

The Scan & Go option can be used if you sign up for Walmart+, their subscription program for groceries pickup and delivery. This will save you some time. However, the major reason we prefer Scan & Go is this: when you buy in-store, the Walmart app maintains track of every item you scan and add to your cart. This is quite useful if you have a tendency to buy things on a whim or on a tight budget.

Another feature that makes us like Scan & Go? As long as you've connected the app to your debit or credit card, you scan the barcode in your app when you reach the self-checkout line, and it instantly charges your account. There is no need for any sort of unloading, bagging, swiping, chipping, tapping, or touching. You just exit the store after presenting your electronic receipt to the self-checkout monitor.

Yes, you will still have to wait in the lengthy self-checkout line. The running total and no touching, though, are fantastic.


9. Utilize Ibotta to earn rebates while shopping at Walmart.

We love Ibotta, and Walmart routinely has more Ibotta offers than the majority of other food stores. Despite the fact that they don't accept digital coupons, this is a good substitute.

Walmart and Ibotta announced a partnership in June 2021 that will add rebates right to your account. For immediate savings, simply connect your Ibotta account to your Walmart app.

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10. Stack manufacturer coupons with Ibotta rebates to save even more money.

The practice of combining manufacturer coupons with Ibotta rebates is one of our favorites for saving money at Walmart. This may earn you a free gift or even credit to your Ibotta account.


11. Also, you can utilize a ton of other cash-back and rebate apps at Walmart.

There are still alternative cash-back and rebate apps to check out even though Ibotta and Walmart are partnering. And guess what? All of them are stackable with Ibotta! Some cash-back and rebate apps that you can use with Walmart coupons are listed below:

  • Checkout 51
  • Fetch Rewards
  • Coupons.com
  • Rakuten


12. Shop practically all Walmart deals online to avoid the Black Friday bustle in-store.

Expect to get 40% off popular holiday items like TVs and toys whether you shop Black Friday at Walmart.com or in-store.

Use the Walmart app's color-coded maps to navigate the stores if you decide to brave them on Black Friday in search of those "Special Buy" doorbusters (manufacturer discounts that Walmart passes on to the customer). A Roku SE for $17 (normally $50) and a Nintendo Switch bundle for $299 (usually $399) are just a couple of the recent hot offers.


13. Use a ghost card from Klarna to divide your Walmart transaction into four installments.

We discovered the most straightforward workaround for Walmart's lack of a layaway option. Using a "ghost card" from Klarna, you can stretch out the cost of your holiday purchases into four installments over the course of six weeks. At checkout, you must pay 25% of the total amount due; following that, you must pay 25% once every two weeks.

The good news is that Klarna doesn't charge interest or any other fees and won't harm your credit score.

The semi-bad news is that you can only use Klarna at Walmart.com, not in-store.

Before using Klarna, download the Chrome browser extension or the mobile app and create an account by adding the debit or credit card that will be used for your four payments. Based on a soft credit check (which has no impact on your credit score), the app will automatically provide you with an anticipated spending amount up to a maximum of $1,000. You will lose money from your available spending money for each ghost card you make.


14. Within the first five days of the month, Walmart clearance is reduced down.

Even though Walmart items may be on sale the entire month, the best selection can always be found in the clearance section at the beginning of the month.

The position of clearance merchandise varies from Walmart to Walmart. Most of the time, clearance merchandise will be found in its own aisles, but occasionally—especially when Walmart discounts Christmas items—it will have its own set of aisles.

Furthermore, always inspect the endcaps.


15. Before the "best by" date, stock up on heavily discounted produce, meat, and bakery items at Walmart.

The day before their "best by" date, produce, meat, and bakery items are often marked down at 8 p.m.

You can ask a Walmart clerk to mark an item down for you if it is one day past the "best by" date and hasn't been marked down yet.


16. Walmart clearance prices will never increase, but rollbacks will.

The price of an item at Walmart that has been labelled as clearance may continue go down, but it will never return to the original  price.

On the other hand, rollbacks are short-term price reductions that last four to ten weeks before returning to the original. To determine how long a price reduction might last, look at the date that each rollback started.


17. To get Amazon prices, use Walmart price matching, but only for purchases made through Walmart.com.

Walmart does permit price matching in-store, but only for pricing found on Walmart.com. You can ask the cashier to price match an item if it is identical on Walmart.com and in-store.com. You might need management approval, depending on the item.

Do you like to shop online? The only requirements are that the items be identical (right down to color), in stock, and sold and shipped by Walmart. Use the Walmart customer service chat or call customer care at (800) 925-6278 to request a price match online. After providing confirmation of the lower price, they will change your order as you check out.

The stores that Walmart.com will match prices with are listed below:

  • Academy.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Autozone.com
  • BassPro.com
  • BedBathAndBeyond.com
  • BestBuy.com
  • Cabelas.com
  • Chewy.com
  • DicksSportingGoods.com
  • DollarGeneral.com
  • FamilyDollar.com
  • Homedepot.com
  • Jcpenny.com
  • Kmart.com
  • Kohls.com
  • Lowes.com
  • Michaels.com
  • Newegg.com
  • Officedepot.com
  • OreillyAuto.com
  • PepBoys.com
  • Petco.com
  • PetSmart.com
  • Sears.com
  • Staples.com
  • Target.com
  • Walgreens.com


18. Walmart offers free grocery pickup.

There is no fee for grocery pickup and there is no minimum spend requirement. Choose a time that works for you to pick up your groceries from Walmart after doing your grocery shopping online. No tip is necessary; a Walmart employee will even load them into your car for you.

Sadly, Walmart grocery pickup does not accept coupons.


19. You can get a $10 discount on your first Walmart grocery pickup and an additional $10 for referring friends.

Use the discount code WOWFRESH at checkout when placing your first Walmart grocery pickup order. Your first order of $50 or more will receive $10 discount.

Also, if you refer a friend to Walmart Grocery pickup, you will receive a $10 off coupon code and they will receive $10 off their first order. You can distribute as many discount coupons as you like, so it's time to start spamming your Facebook friends with that link.


20. Save hundreds on grocery delivery by using Walmart+.

Although it may seem like we are exaggerating, we have done the math. All same-day grocery delivery over $35 are free if you subscribe to Walmart+ ($98 annually or $12.95 monthly).

Here is how much you'll pay with Walmart+ versus standard Walmart grocery delivery if you place one order each week:

  • Using a Walmart+ membership: $98 - $155.40 per year
  • Without a subscription: $413.40 - $517.40 per year

Other benefits include less expensive medicines, complimentary subscription to Paramount+, free next-day and 2-day shipping, and more. We advise at the very least giving the Walmart+ free trial a try.


21. The Walmart NextDay delivery service is entirely free!

Although not offered everywhere, Walmart NextDay shipping is very worthwhile if you can find it. If your ZIP code is eligible, if you place your order before the deadline (often before 2 p.m.) on Monday through Saturday, you can receive it the following day.

The product page for each item in your cart needs to say "NextDay eligible."

You won't spend more for your last-minute laundry run or diaper stock-up, but you also won't be eligible for any special discounts just yet.

To receive your free NextDay delivery, you must spend at least $35. You will be charged an additional $5.99 if you don't.


22. Walmart Couponing 101: Don't read the price tags at Walmart too closely.

Many people believe that prices on Walmart price tags end in "1," which signifies the item won't be reduced again, or that clearance prices always end in "00." Don't take it at face value.

One of the few real myths is that you can see the most recent price date change on the price tag, but since there is no set markdown plan, it won't help you much.


23. Purchase generic medicines for $4 at Walmart Pharmacy without a prescription.

Ask your doctor to submit your prescription to your neighborhood Walmart pharmacy the next time you need it, and make sure you can get a generic version. After that, you may see if your medication is on Walmart's $4 generic list.

You will pay $4 for a 30-day supply or $10 for a 90-day supply if it is on the list.

Also, Walmart+ offers average savings of 85% on prescription costs, with some drugs even free. Walmart has also introduced their own brand of ReliOn Novolog insulin, which offers consumers savings of 58% to 75% on their insulin requirements.


24. Walmart offers affordable pet prescription drugs.

For pet prescriptions, Walmart PetRx has affordable costs, especially if you select AutoShip as your first order will be discounted by 30%.


25. Do you have a change of heart? Within 90 days, return (nearly) everything.

Almost anything can be returned to Walmart within 90 days of purchase. This covers nonperishable foods as well as items that are broken or defective. Prescription glasses must be returned within 60 days, and gadgets must be returned within 30 days.

However, several items, including BB guns, gas-powered devices, and prescription medications, are completely prohibited from being brought back.

If you return an item that had a coupon, you will only receive the amount you paid for the item. You won't get credit from Walmart for that coupon. Boo.


26. Walmart Couponing 101: At Walmart Freeosks, get a free deluxe-size sample.

You can discover a Freeosk location near you thanks to the nation's more than 1,300 facilities, the most of which are found in Walmart and Sam's Club warehouses.

To receive freebies, download the Freeosk app, scan your phone, then input the special code at the kiosk.

Here are some examples of what we have seen so far:

  • Cuties Mandarin Oranges
  • Full-sized Clif Bars
  • Full-sized Rice Krispies Treats
  • Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

Which of these Walmart couponing tips helped you out most recently when you were shopping? In the comments section below, let the Savvy community know!


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