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Walmart's regular prices are excellent, but their secret clearance sales are frequently so good you might regret ever paying full price. These secret clearance prices really are that fantastic.

The best clearance prices can be found at Walmart right now. Yes, we're including the clearance sales from Target, Kohl's, and even Ross  that have become popular on TikTok in that list. Walmart keeps all those incredibly low-cost secret Walmart clearance prices on the shelves because they handle all of their own clearance and don't send product overrun to salvage retailers.

And, while the usual clearance area has a lot of products under $10, that's not all you'll find. Find electronics on sale for everything from TVs to phone cases. Along with more expensive items like hoverboards and Little Tikes playthings, you can anticipate seeing big brands in the toy clearance section.

When you purchase at a Walmart clearance sale, you can be sure you're getting the best value because we performed some research.

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1. Walmart clearance prices are typically lower than the listed price.

Whether or not a store staff applies the new yellow clearance sticker to the item, the Walmart pricing system automatically changes clearance prices. And at any given time, thousands of clearance prices are active at any given store. Therefore, not every product has the most recent yellow clearance labels.

This means that any Walmart clearance aisle will be like an Easter egg hunt for you.


2. Use the "check a price" feature in the Walmart app to locate hidden clearance at Walmart.

By scanning an item's barcode with the Walmart app, you can find out the price of any item in the store. For accurate prices for the store you're at, you must have location services enabled or be connected to in-store Wi-Fi.

The price you see in the app is always the price that will be charged when you check out. A yellow clearance sign on this Mainstays shower caddy said it was $4, but when I scanned it to see the price, it was $1.

Walmart has a hidden clearance when the price displayed in the app is less than the price on the yellow sticker. Continue scanning!

Look for the "Check a price" button under "Services" in the app to locate the Walmart price scanner.

SAVVY SECRET: If you check Walmart's clearance prices sometimes, you can realize that one item is actually more expensive than it appears to be. If this happns, be sure to tell the cashier at the register because it will call for a manual price adjustment to match the sticker price.


3. Walmart's hidden clearance discounts can save you up to 95%.

Walmart frequently offers hidden clearance rates that are 90% off or more. And the price drops to $0.25.

We spent just $1 on this Schwinn adult bicycle helmet. That amounts to a 95% discount from the $19.95 suggested retail price.

Several $5 goods were marked down to a flat $0.50 the last time we shopped the Walmart clearance at my store, a whopping 90% discount. Additionally, we discovered little jar candles that had been marked down from $5 to $0.25, or 95% off.

If your store has a designated clearance area, the absurdly low pricing can make you think you're at a charity shop rather than Walmart. There are times when we swear that Walmart's hidden clearance prices are less expensive than used items. Because of this, some people turn flipping obscure Walmart clearance items on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or even eBay into a side business.

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4. Walmart's discount items are hidden throughout the store.

On your next trip to Walmart, resist the urge to immediately head to the bargain racks. Clearance merchandise may be left on endcaps or even stashed away in certain sections in some stores. In the "Home" department or close to the garden center, we frequently discover a lot of Walmart clearance products (if your store still has one). The security case will still contain the electronic clearance items, but you can scan the barcode on the yellow label through the glass. If you can't, simply ask a staff member to get the item out so you can scan it.

Look throughout the store, keep an eye out for stickers advertising clearance, and always double-check endcaps.


5. The majority of Walmart markdowns on clearance items take place in the first five days of the month.

Prepare to visit Walmart during the first five days of the month if you want to be the first to take advantage of clearance specials. The greatest number of markdowns and variety of clearance items occur around that time. Depending on seasonal items and inventory, clearance items will continue to be discounted throughout the month, so always keep a look out.

Another wonderful time to locate Walmart clearance is at the end of a season. For instance, September is a fantastic month to get deals on school supplies, lunchboxes, garden equipment, fertilizer, and pool toys. January is an excellent time for fall and holiday clearance, as well as winter apparel.


6. In December and July, Walmart's clearance toys were can reach 75% off.

Toys on clearance at Walmart should be one item you keep an eye out for when shopping. Kids outgrow toys so quickly, and someone is always having a birthday party, so why not stock up on toys on the cheap?!

Beginning in mid-December and July, when the majority of the clearance hits approximately 75% off, you can find fantastic deals on Walmart clearance toys, with savings reaching up to 90% off the original price.


7. Save 50% to 90% on seasonal products by shopping Walmart's after-holiday sale.

To get the best deals on all of your holiday décor, shop a year in advance.

Walmart starts selling last season's decorations for at least 50% off, the day following the holiday, just like the after-holiday clearance plans for the majority of stores. And the discounts increase from there.

On December 26, Walmart will launch their Christmas sale, which will increase to 75% off between December 31 and January 10. At some point, around January 11, the Christmas clearance will reach 90% off.

Also, you'll find fantastic discounts on holiday-related things other than decorations. We have  been using Easter candy from Valentine's Day for a few years now. We prefer to hunt for the less festive goods in order to use them for something else.

SAVVY SECRET: Make sure to use the scanner tool because you might even find seasonal clearance before the holiday. We discovered an Elf on the Shelf board game near the toys for this season in November 2021. Although it was listed as $31.52, the actual cost was $15.88!


8. One day before their "best by" date, produce, meat, and bakery items go on sale.

This has been referred to by managers as a "customer value markdown." In short, they will mark the things down the day before their "best by" date, usually about 8 p.m. the previous evening.

But if you see that it isn't discounted and it is the day before the "best by" date, just bring it to a manager. They'll go ahead and mark it down for you it if the system allows it.

Asking never hurts!

They won't sell the item at all if it is beginning to appear very old (think of the strawberries you kept in your fridge for too long).


9. Keep an eye out for dented cans to save some money.

The majority of Walmart stores have a section where they store dented cans and provide discounts on them. Ask a staff member to direct you to this location, or if you come across a broken item that isn't already discounted, ask for one. Check out our free guide on using coupons at Walmart if you frequently purchase groceries there.

Remember that the depression cannot be too deep or located along the can's seams. The can is discarded if that is the case.


10. Ask about any extra Walmart clearance sale markdowns with store managers.

Walmart locations are allowed to hold localized clearance sales, unlike Target. Even if the clearance price looks like a terrific deal initially, the manager may offer you a further discount if they have inventory they need to move.

I noticed on Instagram in April 2021 that folks could get great gaming monitors for 50% off. Although it didn't have any in stock, the Walmart nearest me confirmed the cheap clearance pricing. I made a beeline for a Walmart that had it on hand, but their price tag said full price. The manager agreed to honor the sale pricing being offered by the other location when I asked him to. Your results may differ, but it never hurts to try.

SAVVY SECRET: Have you ever purchased something just to find it was later on sale? Depending on the method of payment you used, the Walmart price adjustment policy allows for adjustments to be made within five and ten days.


11. Use Instagram to discover Walmart's hidden sales.

Finding Walmart's hidden clearance products might occasionally feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. In this case, Instagram is useful. We enjoy using hashtags to see what other people have discovered.

The following hashtags are beneficial:

  • #walmartclearance
  • #walmartclearancefinds
  • #walmarthiddenclearance

Before going to the store, searching these hashtags on Instagram can give you a rough sense of what other people have discovered. These are items that might not be advertised as being on sale or might be discounted more than what the sticker indicates.

I saw on Instagram in November 2021 that 8-inch tablets, which usually cost $99, were on sale for about $29 at the time. They were in the glass display in the electronics area when I went to my nearby Walmart, labelled $99, but sure enough, they only cost $29.


12. Don't study the last number on sale tags too hard.

If you've done any serious bargain searching, you've probably heard that there are certain "secrets" behind Walmart price tags. People have claimed that any item with a price ending in a "1" won't be discounted down any more, or that all Walmart clearance items have prices that end in ".00."

Do not, however, believe the hoopla. Except for the fact that Walmart clearance items will continue to experience a price reduction once per month until they sell, all price tag rumors we've come across are untrue. So, try not to focus too much on the numbers.


13. Walmart clearance items are returnable.

If you bought a clearance item from Walmart and weren't satisfied with it, you can return it just like any other item. You have 90 days to return almost everything as long as you have your receipt as proof of purchase.

Thanks to their extended holiday return policy, you have more time to make returns if you shop between October 1 and the end of the year. Everything you purchase during that particular period is returnable through the end of January.


14. Clearance prices are not like Walmart Rollback prices, so don't expect them to increase again.

Once an item is designated as clearance, its price will still drop, but it won't go back up.

However, rollbacks may return to their original price.


15. It's harder to find amazing clearance prices online at Walmart.com than in-store.

At Walmart.com, hidden Walmart clearance is much harder to come by. And there isn't a simple way to view all clearance prices online. Your best strategy is to actually type "clearance" into the Walmart homepage's search field.

You can then choose to view all clearance goods or search for clearance items within a certain price range. You can also use the "in store" filter to see the sale items that you can purchase online and pick up from Walmart.


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