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It’s hard to not instantly fall in love with Anthropologie the moment you step through the door, lured by the seductive waft of scented candles burning and the artistic and funky patterns adorning every item. It’s a bohemian inspired wonderland filled with beautifully unique flowy dresses, shabby-chic home décor and furniture, fun accessories, vintage-inspired jewelry, even makeup and shoes! The stores are works of art themselves and it’s not unusual to see carefully designed window displays surrounded by floating origami birds or walls and chandeliers covered in moss and greenery.

But the rich beauty that is Anthropologie comes with an equally rich price tag. Without a savvy savings plan in mind, it’s easy to break the bank while fulfilling your boho-chic dreams. Lucky for you, we’ve already done the research to help you get the most out of your next shopping excursion. Follow this handy guide and you’ll be a professional Anthro-girl in no time!


1. Become an AnthroPerks member

The AnthroPerks rewards card is free and comes with several benefits, so what are you waiting for? Perks include free shipping on orders over $150, invites to special parties and events, early access to new arrivals and preshops, and more! Plus, if you sign up at least 60 days before your birthday you’ll get a 15% off coupon that can be used for an entire purchase during your birthday month!


2. Sign up for the newsletter

Stay up to date on everything Anthropologie by signing up for the newsletter. In addition to general news, you’ll also be notified about special sales events and discounts!


3. Follow Anthropologie on social media

Follow Anthropologie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to catch any special deals they may give out to their followers.


4. Create a wish list at Anthropologie.com

Create an online wish list at anthropologie.com and get notified via e-mail if any of the items on your wish list go on sale. So go ahead, put that $300 dress on your list, you never know what the future may have in store for it!


5. Keep track of sale seasons and days

It takes a bit more diligence, but knowing sales seasons and patterns can lead to lots of great savings. For example, new sale items are usually added to anthropologie.com at midnight on Sundays, so Monday morning is a great time to browse the sale section online. The months after busy holiday shopping seasons are also usually a great time for deals. Sometimes stores have extra holiday inventory that they need to unload quickly.


6. Always check the clearance room

I always head straight to the clearance section before checking anywhere else. It sometimes takes extra time to sort through, but you can find some serious steals! Oftentimes online purchases which are returned to the stores go straight to the clearance room.


7. Happen to be a teacher? Ask for a discount!

Good news for teachers and teacher’s assistants, Anthropologie offers a teacher’s discount! They don’t offer it year round and dates vary by city, so check with your local shop or just make sure you always have your teacher ID on you and ask when you go in.


8. Check out the sale section on Anthropologie.com

There’s a large sale section on Anthropologie.com, and it breaks things down into price categories. The Anthropologie sale section is a go-to of mine when I need a gift but don’t really have anything specific in mind. I just put in the budget and see what pops up.


9. Save your receipts

Anthropologie has a generous return policy. Most items can be returned at any time for a full refund or exchange, even without a receipt! Though keep in mind if you don’t have a receipt you’ll receive the current price amount for that item, not necessarily what you paid for it. That’s not the only reason to hang onto those receipts though! If an item you bought goes on sale within 14 days after you purchase it, you can get a refund of the difference! This applies to online purchases as well. Yet another reason to keep an eye on those sale pages!


10. Get a job

If your Anthropologie addiction is really serious, it could be worth it to look into applying for a job. Anthropologie employees receive lots of perks! Employees get a whole 40% off most regularly priced clothing and accessories and 25% off home décor and furniture! The discount applies to in-store or online purchases. Employees also get 25% off regular-priced Terrain merchandise and 20% off for themselves and one guest at the Terrain Café. In addition to the regular discounts, Anthropologie occasionally hosts employee appreciation events where employees get 40% anything including sale items!


11. Pick up an inventory shift

A full job not for you? How about an occasional inventory shift? Anthropologie is known to hire seasonal help for inventory shifts. For a few hours of work you’ll not only make a bit of cash, you’ll also be eligible for 40% off any one regularly priced item! No experience with the company necessary. Just check with your local shop to see if they have any shifts available.


12. Order online and pick up in store

Rather than paying extra for shipping fees, check online if a local store has that item in stock. You can then select to order online for in-store pickup. Your item will be held for three days, so just pick it up when you find yourself in the area.


13. Review what you buy for a chance to win a $200 gift card

Any time you buy something online or in-store, head over to the website and give it a review. Every review you complete enters you in a monthly drawing for a $200 gift card. The more items your review, the bigger your chances are of winning!


14. Look for coupons at JoinSavvy.com

JoinSavvy.com makes saving at Anthropologie super easy! What Savvy does is comb the entire internet to find the best coupons or discount codes available for the stores you’re shopping at. It works with over 40,000 stores, so regardless of where you shop, Savvy will save you money!